Musical Gleeks, is a group created by LoveYouLikeCrazy. The Members in this group are LoveYouLikeCrazy, Sky Splitz, QuinnQuinn and Glee Rocks! Here is some basic info.

Rachel: LoveYouLikeCrazy


Quinn: Glee Rocks!

Brittany: SkySpitz

Harmony: QuinnQuinn

Mercedes: Sam is soo cute!

Logo: This>>

Motto: Not known Yet

How it was founded:

Breezy thought of the idea on the Glee Wiki, after the Beauty Crew-ty. She chose Rachel, Grace chose Quinn, Jen chose Brittany and Meg chose Harmony.

Fan Fiction about this GroupEdit

None Yet


Main Article: Gallery:Musical Gleeks


Sorry, but we are not going to add anymore people to our Group, we have enough. We are so sorry:( But Make Your own Group if you want to!